Thursday, April 20, 2006

India for the non-Indians...

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One fine Morning, April, 2006, Phool Mandi, New Delhi
Nikon D50. 70-300mm G Nikkor

Finally a post after almost a month. Was busy with stuff but still blame it on my laziness... If you wish to do something you will always find time one way or the other...

I love the colors, textures, expressions this facet of India has to offer.

I am not trying to be pedantic with the title, but this is how I think how many (not all) foreigners still perceive what India is - land of sadhu's, snake charmers etcetc... Infact this guy was getting dressed up for some shoot . I would say that's faking if you are not shooting what reality is.


Bobby said...

Perceptions are hard to change and require real effort.We dont do enough to change the perception of the West towards us. Indians abroad often are ghettoised and like many immigrant communities, foster traditional stereotypes. Lets face it,sadhus, pilgrimages, ritualistic forms of worship are still very much part of india, one just has to venture out into the countryside.The funny thing is why blame the foreigners, we ourselves are so predisposed towards stereotypes, viz a viz regions, religions, caste n creed.The photograph is great, but wouldn't it be better to photograph your perception of a vibrant, new, progressive India, rather than an over used n overhyped western stereotype of India.

g said...

Nice point of view Bobby. Agreed. I am not at all ashamed with this facet of India. The problem is that this is not the only facet India has. There's much more of it than just this which others dont know. I detest this fact. And I detest showing others whats faked. If one wants to shoot rituals dont fake them up, go to Varanasi, go to so many religious places and shoot them in real. And I am not blaming anybody.

I photographed this because of the expressions and mainly for the Nath. I am in love with the rich colors, textures, expressions the 'sadhu wala' India has to offer. :)