Sunday, April 23, 2006

humayun's tomb

April 2006, Humayun's tomb
Nikon f75, Ilford 400

Nothing great about this shot but then you tend to fall in love with your firsts. A scan from my first black and white shoot. Learning to see in black and white is all together a different art and I shall try to do so :) .


Sagnik Nandy said...

dude i am totally impressed with your photography skills - almost to the point of being jealous :) brilliant!

Anonymous said...

karam ramrakha

Why is there the Hindu Shakti-Chakra.. interlocking triangles which is identical to the Star of David on Humayun's Tomb.. read Humayuns Tom No 13 on the internet.. Vishnu's footprints on Humayun's Tomb.. it is a commandeered Hindu temple/palace complex

Anonymous said...

Karam Ramrakha

Why do you have the " Star of David" which is the same as the Hindu/Vedic Shakti Chakra on Humayun's Tomb...?

And pray read Humayuns Tomb No 13 on the internet which shows Vishnu's footprints on Humayan's tomb

It is a commandeered Hindu Palace/temple complex