Monday, September 22, 2008

Chandratal - the moon lake

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Chandratal, Lahaul, Himachal
July, 2008
Nikon D80

Situated at approx, 4270m, the crescent shaped bluish green lake has its own charm. It's one of the bigger alpine lakes of this region (around Manali).

Snuggled in between the ChandraBhaga range and the barren mountainscape, Chandratal is at the source of Chandra river and is fed by meltwaters from the Chandra glacier. From here one gets a beautiful unobstructed view of the peaks of the Lahaul range, Mulkila peak (6517m), Minar (6172m), Talagiri (6279m), Tara Pahar (6227m) to name a few.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Balance of power...

Balance of power..., originally uploaded by Mohit Gupta.

Shot @ Inle, Myanmar
Nikon D80.

While lazing around in one of the "floating" markets in Lake Inle, I saw this balance of "power". A man was selling onions using these weights. I don't know what the battery weighed but people were trusting the weight and the price. It wasn't a surpise, it reminded me of the numerous "jugads" we see around in India as well.

The "balance" led to a number of thoughts...the balance of "power" is rather an "imbalance" in this country. While I traveled through Myanmar via road (for whatever small time I did), I did see the abject poverty people live in. Having lived in India that's not new to me, but the state of affairs in Myanmar is worse.

And now I just can't imagine life of people who got affected by the cyclone...