Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Balance of power...

Balance of power..., originally uploaded by Mohit Gupta.

Shot @ Inle, Myanmar
Nikon D80.

While lazing around in one of the "floating" markets in Lake Inle, I saw this balance of "power". A man was selling onions using these weights. I don't know what the battery weighed but people were trusting the weight and the price. It wasn't a surpise, it reminded me of the numerous "jugads" we see around in India as well.

The "balance" led to a number of thoughts...the balance of "power" is rather an "imbalance" in this country. While I traveled through Myanmar via road (for whatever small time I did), I did see the abject poverty people live in. Having lived in India that's not new to me, but the state of affairs in Myanmar is worse.

And now I just can't imagine life of people who got affected by the cyclone...

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