Monday, August 15, 2005

Elephant Falls, Shillong.

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Place: Elephant Falls, Shillong.
Date: 12th June, 05.

Used ND (Neutral Density) filter to cutoff light so that I could open my shutter for that extra second to get smooth water motion. No fixes in this photograph.

Memories: Elephant Falls is a lovely place in Upper Shillong. The best part about Shillong, t's not that commercialized as other tourist destinations. But that may be because the timing of our visit (Monsoons!!!).

This was the last shot before my camera battery gave up. That actually turned out to be a lucky thing for me! I didn't get my Lithium CR2's anywhere nearby and hence I had to pack my camera equipment. After Elephant falls we headed for Shillong peak. All the time I was cursing myself for not keeping extra batteries. On the way we (me and my friend A) thought of clicking a beautiful landscape which turned out to be an air force installation (strangly no notices were put up!). Our roll was confiscated and we never got it back. Had my batteries not given up my rolls would also have met the same fate. Lucky me!

Anyways moral of the story: a) Always keep extra pair of batteries. b) Never mess up with authorities.

Current Read: The Wizard of Oz.

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